SM 500

Shaping machine

SM 500 - Shaping machine

Description and Accessories

The table can travel both vertically and horizontaly
Rapid movement of table


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UM Value
Maximum working length  mm  500 
Max. horizontal travel  mm  500 
Max. vertical travel  mm  320 
Worktable  mm  440x360 
Travel of tool head  mm  120 
Number of ram strokes  Strikes/min 14-80 
Swivel angle of toolhead  mm  ±60° 
Max. section of tool  mm  20x30 
Range of table power speed (Horizontal)  0.2-0.25 
Range of table power speed (Vertical)  0.08-1.0 
Width of T-slot  mm  18 
Main motor  kW 
Dimensions  mm  2000x1250x1400 
Weight  kg  1750 

Manuals and media