S180 CNC

CNC slotting machine

S180 CNC - CNC slotting machine

Description and Accessories

Equipped with CNC Siemens 808D
CNC working table movement in three different directions (longitudinal, horizontal and rotary)
High accuracy ball screws
The speed of the ram and the working table can be adjusted continuously.

Standard Accessories

CNC Siemens
Main motor with servomotor
Refrigeration system
Service wrenches
Work Lamp

Optional Accessories

Pneumatic chuck 200mm
CNC rotary table 200mm


Download Datasheet
UM Value
Ram maximum slotting length  mm  180 
Ram stroke adjustment  mm  80mm 
Ram movement strokes  n/min  45 / 60 / 90 
Work table size  mm  600x320 
Travel of table (X.Y)  mm  460x320 
Distance between column and spindle  mm  400 
Distance max. between table and spindle  mm  480 
X motor torque  Nm 
Y motor torque  Nm 
Fast moving  m/min)  5 X - 5 Y 
Ball screw (X)  FFZD3205-3/P4 
Ball screw (Y)  FFZD3205-3/P4 
Main motor power  kW  1.5 / 2 / 2.2 
Weight  kg  1500 

Manuals and media